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Medicare Eligibility

Helping you navigate the world of Medicare eligibility

medicare requitments
What are the eligibility requirements for medicare

Struggling with understanding the requirements for Medicare? We can help you understand the complexities of Medicare.

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medicare eligbility form
How to check medicare eligibility online for providers

Are you a provider and and struggling with checking your patients Medicare eligibity? well your in the perfect place.

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doctor trying to read a report
How to read medicare eligibility report

Understand how to read a report from CMS can be a tough challenge. Thankfully we are here for you. Let us show you just how easy it can be.

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medicare and medicaid image together
What is dual eligibility for medicare and medicaid

Dual eligibity can be confusing, let us help you understand what it truly means to be dual eligible.

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Medicare Claims

The world of Medicare Claims

frustrated doctor
Top Medicare claims mistakes

Let us help you avoid some of the biggest mistakes when creating your Medicare claims

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red button with submit on it
How to submit medicare claims

Let us show how to submit Medicare claims fast and with ease.

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paid red stamp
How are Medicare claims paid

Learn the basics of how Medicare pays claims

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red question mark
Medicare Claims FAQ

Get answeres to some commonly asked Medicare claims questions

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General Knowledge

Medicare and Medical general knowledge

big question mark
Understanding what Smart DDE can do for you

Learn how to easily check claims status whithout spending hours inside DDE

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main pic for weird codes
The strange world of ICD-10-CM codes

Learn all about the odd world of ICD-10-CM codes from the aquatic world

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healthcare of definitions
Medicare and Medical general terms

Need to know what a certain term means, search through our extensive list of Healthcare terms.

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phone, letter, email on a enter button
How to contact Medicare

Find out how to contact Medicare for issues dealing the PECOS, NPI or even if you need to contact the Medicare Administrative Contractor's.

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Same and Similar

The world of durable medical equipment and more

nurse and patient with walker
Understanding Same and Similar for Medicare

Learn all about the Medicare same and similar world.

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The latest updates from around the healthcare world

medicare on a blackboard
The Future of Medicare

Learn what new changes are on the horizon for Medicare

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Medicare Mac News Nov 30 - Dec 4

Get the lastest news from all of Medicare's Mac's

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mac round up picture
Medicare Mac News Nov 23 - 27

Get the lastest news from all of Medicare's Mac's

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mac round up picture
Medicare Mac News Nov 16 -20

Get the lastest news from all of Medicare's Mac's

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