About Episode Alert

Episode Alert was created to develop and deliver information technologies specifically designed for the health care industry. Episode Alert products provide increased operational efficiencies and cost savings to all clients in every facet of health care, since 2007.

Who we are

Episode Alert's various divisions understand the multi-faceted health care industry, its workflow, its current and future challenges.

Episode Alert has worked with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) in development and is compliant with all its standards.

Health care Specific Resources

Episode Alert: offers solutions for your organizations cash flow, eligibility, benefits, claims workflow process:

  • Initial verification checks with Real-Time Medicare Eligibility
  • Claim submission, electronic remits with Revenue Now Clearinghouse
  • Daily Claim / Weekly Eligibility problems ID'd with Episode Alert Reports
  • Broadband instant connection to all regional FISS hosts with DDE connection
  • Consistent reliable OASIS submissions with Rapid Transmit OASIS service
  • Doctors not reflecting as enrolled with Reliable PECOS Exceptions reporting

Technology solutions

Episode Alert systems currently provide eligibility, claim and revenue information to numerous Medicare providers in health care industries throughout our nation.


Episode Alert has a long history in providing the health care industry with services.

Starting in 2007 providing solutions to health care providers, the evolution of our Episode Alert health care specific division has lead to cutting edge technology which continues to introduce further efficiencies with our most recent offering: Real-Time Medicare Eligibility.


Our primary goal is to serve the ever-evolving health care industry needs. We have business systems to automate processes from eligibility to claims submission, to claims management, to revenue cycle management.


Our daily decision direction is based on our values of client-first, dependability, integrity, respect, accountability, trust and, excellence. Our commitment is to consistently offer patient-specific information of the highest degree of accuracy to our clients and partners.

Social Responsibility

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We believe we have a responsibility to behave ethically and with sensitivity to not only our local community but to the planet as a whole. Our outreach work in Peru as well as our continuing charitable contributions and involvement in local stateside projects has helped impoverished communities, but even more important, our outreach has enriched us both as a corporation and as individuals.

 "...They are always eager to help..."

"Since we began using Episode Alert the service has been excellent. All the information we need is readily available. They are always eager to help you with any problems that you might have. I would recommend them to anyone that needs their service."

Gail Hicks
Evergreen Home Care

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 "...service to be very user friendly and reliable..."

"I am currently using Episode Alert to check eligibility for our Medicare clients and I also upload my claims through their on-line portal. I have found their service to be very user friendly and reliable. I have had no problems with claims transmission, eligibility or receiving my reports back from Medicare."

Gail Boucher, Office Manager
Visiting Nurse Home Care & Hospice of Carroll Cty.

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 "...to my surprise and delight that their services were as truthful..."

"With Episode Alert, our users find it so convenient, easy, fast & simple to check eligibility. We can do multiple searches which is really a big help & able to see all the informations which is very important in checking the patients' eligibility."

Shawnee Bernabe, Office Manager/Biller
First Choice Health Services, Inc

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 "by far the best ... verification tool"

"Episode Alert is by far the best eligibility verification tool our agency has used. Since implementing Episode Alert's eligibility verification tool, our intake process has been more streamlined, with all essential insurance information in an easy-to-read format which intake and billing personnel love."

Christopher Melley
CEO, Preferred Care Home Health Services

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 "...Episode Alert has been a tremendous help in getting us set up..."

"Episode Alert has been a tremendous help in getting us set up for our batch billing. The ease of sending our reports has helped us with our ability to bill and we have spent less time in preparation. We would highly recommend Episode Alert."

Suzy Tribby, Assistant Administrator
Edgar County Public Health Department

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 "Episode Alert reports are real time savers"

"Episode Alert reports are real time savers. The entire Episode Alert report suite reduces the FTE time spent researching, checking, following up as corrections are already identified in the reports. Especially important to my billing department is the that Episode Alert finds mistakes after the initial certification check but before first billing - errors that normally wouldn't be found until after initial billing."

Nashica Wilkinson
Billing Manager, Nurse on Call Florida

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 "...extremely user friendly, the ease of transmitting claims..."

"It was to my surprise and delight that their services were as truthful and forthcoming with all they had presented themselves to be and more. Besides being extremely user friendly, the ease of transmitting claims, receive information has made work for my staff an easy task, not to mention the courteous and timely response of their personnel in all aspects. I look forward to many years of a mutually beneficial business association and anticipate their potential expansion into areas of commercial claim transmissions."

RuthAnn P. Kirschen, CEO/CFO
Priority 1 Med Systems, Inc

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 "...a company with the values and integrity that Episode Alert possesses and practices..."

"It is refreshing that in today's day and age with so many vendors looking to keep their hands in your pocket and drain you for every dime they can, to deal with a company with the values and integrity that Episode Alert possesses and practices. It is my pleasure to have a working relationship with a company that is not only honest but has values that benefit and serve their clients."

Priority 1 Med Systems, Inc

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 "...wonderful, easy and helpful tool..."

"Episode Alert has been extremely beneficial to all of us at Omni Home Care.... This has been a wonderful, easy and helpful tool and I would encourage all providers to use it."

Joyce Wilson
RN, VP Operations, OMNI Home Care

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 "...customer service has been friendly and reliable"

"Just wanted to take a minute to thank you. Episode Alert has been a single solution. .. has greatly enhanced our ability to bill timely, enhanced collections and reduced (in multiple ways) the time spent on troublesome claims. THANKS! I am not sure how else to express our appreciation for Episode Alert that has been such a great help to me and my billing team."

Sandy Schiffauer
RN, BSN, MS, VP of Operations, Atlantic/Midwest , OMNI Home Care

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 "Episode Alert keeps making money for me"

"Every other vendor I know takes my money, Episode Alert keeps making money for me."

Brandon Blake
CFO, Hospital Without Walls

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 "...Highly recommend you try it..."

"Episode Alert has saved us time and money. We can verify patient eligibility quicker, [with] less paper work and more accuracy, [includes] dates of service with other providers. Highly recommend you try it as you can do it any time any place."

Ysabel Llanes
MS, CMHC, Administrator,Total Home Health Care, Inc.

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