The Story Behind Episode Alert

Episode Alert: Pioneering Healthcare IT Since 2007

Episode Alert has been at the forefront of developing and delivering cutting-edge information technologies specifically designed for the healthcare industry.

What we specialize in

Medicare eligibility, DME Same and Similar verification, electronic claim submission, and Direct Data Entry (DDE) access, among others.

Values-Driven Excellence: Our Commitment

Excellence is grounded in our core values of integrity, dependability, and client-first approach. Episode Alert has worked with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) in development and is compliant with all its standards including HIPPA.

Revolutionizing Healthcare: Efficiency & Innovation

Our primary goal is to serve the ever-evolving healthcare industry's needs. We have business systems to automate processes from eligibility to DME same and similar verification, claims submission, DDE access, revenue cycle management, and cloud hosting.

Core Values: Guiding Our Precision and Partnership

Our daily decision direction is based on our values of client-first, dependability, integrity, respect, accountability, trust, and, excellence. Our commitment is to consistently offer patient-specific information of the highest degree of accuracy to our clients and partners.

Ethics and Outreach: Impacting Communities Globally

We believe we have a responsibility to behave ethically and with sensitivity to not only our local community but to the planet as a whole.

Our outreach work in Peru as well as our continuing charitable contributions and involvement in local stateside projects has helped impoverished communities, but even more important, our outreach has enriched us both as a corporation and as individuals.

We are all passionate about what we do


David Pariguana

Founder, CFO

A gym enthusiast with an eye for emerging markets.


Gisela Pariguana

Founder, Software Architect

Gisela has a passion for learning, programming, innovative tech, and a zest for life.


David MacQueen

Head of Marketing, SEO

David considers himself a pop culture conosouir.


Juan Pariguana

Head of IT

Juan is an avid fan of Formula One racing and a passionate football fan.


Angie Florez

Head of IX / Project Manager

Angie's free time is spent creating works of art.


Lili Mosqueira

Head of Sales

Lili is a passionate music and animal lover with a contagious outlook on life.


Wilbert Pariguana

Head of Information Security

Wibert is a tech enthusiast with a strong passion for all things security.

Milestones: Shaping Episode Alert's Path

Since 2007, Episode Alert has revolutionized healthcare IT, from Medicare Eligibility to Medicare API services.

  • Making Medicare access easy for all healthcare providers, no matter what size
  • Affordable and customizable plans, easy-to-use with quick video tutorials
  • We pride ourselves in answering all our calls, no more leaving voicemails, or chat with us online


Episode Alert was founded


Medicare Claim Submission service was created


Pecos checks on all Claims submitted


DDE Access to all Mac Providers


Cloud hosting for providers


Free tools such as NPI and PECOS search added


SmartDDE was created as an easier way to check claim status changes


DME Same and Similar service was introduced


API services introduced to the world


Medicare AI Tool released

Instant Medicare Access

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