Medicare Same or Similar Checker

Determine if your beneficiaries have Same or Similar including BatchMode

Same or Similar Checker

Check BatchMode or Single checks

Episode Alert understands the importance of Durable medical equipment suppliers to make sure their customers CMN Status and Same/Similar information is verified to ensure coverage beyond standard eligibility.

Far too many organizations are losing time and money spending hours on IVRs and Medicare portal or dealing with DME/HME software that is hard to understand.

Episode Alert has developed the answer to your frustration, and we have an easy to web-based solution for you.


  • Easy to read results - no HCPCS codes experience needed
  • Instantly know the equipment you can or cannot sell to the beneficiary
  • Check Same or Similar by equipment category or HCPCS codes
  • Check BatchMode - Import your list and export results to excel
  • Check CGS & Noridian beneficiaries all in one place
  • Recheck Beneficiaries with one-click

Physicians, DME/HME, and other providers can check a beneficiary's same or similar status in under a minute with our service. Allowing your sales team the crucial time they need.

Medicare DME Billing

If you are a Medicare DME provider who wants to save time and money, you are in the right place. You can check your beneficiaries Medicare same or similar status quickly and efficiently with episode alerts letting you get through DME medical billing in no time.

We have also added a handy option most other DME billing software don't have. You can run that S&S patient through or Medicare eligibity checker with a click of a button.

If that's not enough to convince you, we also have our Batch mode service available. Giving you the ability to search a large number of same and similar beneficiaries at once. We will also give you the option to verify those patients for Medicare. An added bonus to this is if you give us the beneficiaries state we will automatically choose the Mac jurisdiction for you.

Easily look up popular CMS HCPCS codes like

  • HCPCS L codes
  • HCPCS K codes
  • HCPCS A codes
  • and more...


Service Specific FAQ's


Yes, Our reports are real-time straight from CMS.


Yes, we offer batch mode so you can check batches of beneficiaries to save you time.


We use Noridian's Same or Similar Chart to determine if beneficiary has any active equipment (Same or Similar).


We use Noridian's Same or Similar chart as reference. Their Reference Chart is updated daily. See it here