What is dual eligibility for Medicare and Medicaid

In simple terms when an individual is called dual eligible it boils down to that person being both eligible for Medicare and Medicaid. Now you may be wondering what both even mean. Well, Medicare is the government program for any individual who is 65 or older. It can help these individuals with any healthcare needs they may have. For example, if they end up needing to be in the hospital, or maybe they are in need of some durable medical equipment. The good news is providers can check if a patient has Medicare quickly and easily with Episode Alert's Medicare verification system.

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Medicaid is a bit more complex. It is largely based on where you live in the United states. Medicare is run by each state with minimum eligibility requirements being mandated by the federal government.

Medicaid was made to help people who suffer from low income and have trouble affording healthcare. As you can imagine this can affect a wide variety of people from all walks of life. For example seniors, children, pregnant women, people with disabilities.

Individuals can sometimes not even realize that they are dual-eligible for Medicare and Medicaid. It is very important to find out if you are. If you are dual-eligible that means you meet both program criteria and you will be able to cut your healthcare costs down drastically. We all know with age comes the possibility of health issues arising. The last thing you may want is the stress of medical bills especially when you can avoid them.

Please remember with Medicaid each state has different criteria and what they cover. So do not hesitate to reach out to someone at Medicaid they are there to help you.

Now more then ever we all need to be aware of the rising costs of healthcare and do everything in our power to combat those unnecessary burdens to ourselves and our patients.