Medicare claims FAQ

Will Medicare accept paper claims

As of October 16, 2003, the Administrative Compliance Act (ASCA) mandates that all initial Medicare claims are submitted electronically. However, there are some exceptions.

Some of those exceptions include the following

  1. Providers that submit fewer than 10 claims per month on average through a calendar year

  2. Claims for payment under a Medicare demonstration project that specifies paper submission

  3. Small provider claims

  4. Dental Claims

  5. Claims for services or supplies furnished outside of the U.S. by non-U.S. providers

  6. Disruption in electricity or communication connections outside of a provider's control expected to last more than two business days

And more can be found here

what is the medicare claims address

You can find out how to contact Medicare and all of its MAC’s here

What is the medicare claims contact number

The contact number for Medicare is 1-800-633-4227 or 1-800-MEDICARE