Checking Medicare Claims Status for providers

By David MacQueen
‎‎July ‎6, ‎2021 ‏‎4:08 pm ET

We have all been in this situation, you walk into the office ( or home office) sit down and realize a large part of your morning is going to be spent scouring through CMS Medicare DDE screens.

So you sit down and prepare to scour through dozens of different screens, each time having to enter in the same type of information, only to have squinted your eyes at each individual claim trying to decipher if this claim is rejected, in paid status, suspended….

On rare occasions, you will look down with bewilderment and see something you need to code that just makes you wonder what the back story of this could be.

Thankfully, Episode Alert has taken the feedback of 100’s providers just like yourself and decided to make your lives easier.

Smart DDE is a new service that will transform the way you start your day. We have developed a process that will pull all your Medicare claims status and organize it into a neat and user-friendly summary report.

reason code example

This report will save you time and money. You can walk into your office coffee in hand knowing when you log in to your Episode Alert account, we will have all of your reports waiting.

Quickly see the status of claims and reason codes letting you get the information you need right away. Not to mention we will send you email alerts of any Medicare claims status changes.

We also added a new feature that checks off claims you have already fixed, allowing you to have a clear picture of what work needs to be done.

Thanks to our amazing customer feedback, we have also updated the service to include our Medicare analytic forecasting. We will be able to tell you your expected payment from Medicare weeks in advance.

Of course, don’t take our word for it. We have a 60-day free trial for all clients. We know you will love it and of course, we welcome any feedback, allowing our team to improve our services and make your jobs easier.