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How it Works

We understand being a healthcare provider can be tough. It can be easy to waste valuable time tracking your healthcare patient's Medicare claim status inside DDE.

Our system gives you an easy-to-read summary report of all of your Medicare claims status changes. Also sending you email alerts to keep you up to date on any changes.

Check Off Claims

Our summary report allows you to check off which claims information have been corrected, giving you a clear picture of what you need to fix in regards to your claim submission.

This will allow you to stop wasting hours of your time and get back to what is important.

Multiple NPIs?

Have multiple providers and NPI’s? No problem our easy to use reports allows for you to quickly and easily switch through providers.

View Reason Code Narrative

with your Daily Reports

Hover over Reason Codes to automatically get their narrative

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View Patient Eligibility Verification

with your Daily Reports

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Your Patients

Click on any Patient's Name or HIC# to view detailed Patient Eligibility/Verification information.

Eligibility Report

The detailed report will give you the patient’s details along with Part A, Part B, Medicare advantage, HMO information, MSP information, and Hospice.

Stop Wasting Time

Allowing you to skip dealing the the MAC’s IVR ( Interactive Voice Response)

Medicare Forecast Payments

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Fast Setup

With Episode Alerts new proprietary way of forecasting Medicare payments. We can now show weeks in advance what you can expect from Medicare.

Payment Summary

Let us help you keep track of everything Medicare is going to pay you. Giving you an easy way to view what when a Medicare payment is going to be deposited, the EFT check number, number of claims that were paid and we will show you what our system has projected.

Claim Forecasting

Also, we will forecast your claims in a suspense status and show you how we formulated the amount, and when those claims are expected to be paid.

With this powerful tool at your disposal, you can go ahead and start planning ahead. Growing your business and focusing on patient care.

Any questions? Check out the FAQ

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You will receive your SmartDDE report each morning when you log in.

Yes, you will be able to view reason codes.

You won't have to worry, we will send you an email alert of any claim status changes.

Yes, you will be able to view paid claim changes.

We will send you email alerts to any claim changes

Yes, we will show you the EFT check number.

We can provide you with weeks in advance of what you are going to be paid by Medicare.

Yes, we will provide you with the number of claims that are being paid.

Please view our pricing page, where you will be able to sign up for our starter plans. which includes a free SmartDDE trial.
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