Medicare Claims Rejections track them easily

Get email alerts when claim rejections occur and when you don't receive claim reports back.

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    Easy to use

    No training needed and no software to download.

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    Be Up & Running

    Have access quickly after signing up, be working fast.

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    Monitor Claim Process

    Receive email alerts when claim reports aren't received.

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    Detect Issues, Save $

    Automatic email alerts when rejections occur.

Get email alerts when claim rejections occur

Straight to your mailbox, get email alerts when your claims get rejected.

claim rejection email

Get Email Alerts when CMS doesn't send you claim reports

Receive email alerts when Medicare doesn't send you back claim reports for your claims.

claim response not recieved email

Service Specific FAQ's


Yes, Episode Alert is approved to submit claims for all MACs (Palmetto, NGS, CGS, First Coast, Noridian, Novitas, etc.) in all 50 states.


It takes 1-2 business days to setup. After that you'll start receiving your remits & reports and will be able to submit claims.


Yes, you can use any billing software to create your claim files, including PCACE Pro32. Then just upload us to our website.


You would just need your Submitter Id. A Submitter Id is given to you by your MAC (Palmetto, NGS, CGS, First Coast, Noridian, Novitas, etc.)


Please feel free to submit a support request and we’ll be happy to respond if you ever have any questions about any of the Episode Alert™ solutions or even about the sign up process itself.