Running a medical practice front office and billing practice

Working in a doctor’s office or medical practice can be a rewarding career with many great opportunities for self-starters. You may find yourself working with a small team or even part of a larger team handling hundreds of employees.

You will no doubt find yourself on the front line of health care. With patient care, your doctor and medical practice team will rely on you heavily. We would like to share some helpful tips and ideas that may ease your burden and workload.

1. The number one thing is to stay organized. You need to set up a good routine that keeps you and your potential staff organized and efficient. From the moment a patient walks through the door you need to have a set of rules to follow

2. A great way to keep efficient would be having an easy to use a system to target="_blank">check medicare eligibility. Once a patient enters your office you can have them sign in and provide you their basic information. From here you are able to run a quick medicare check and have them logged into your system. Once that is done you can continue your routine that you have set up. Have their medical records ready for viewing.

3. Always remember the patient takes priority, a doctor’s practice or medical office can be a loud, chaotic place at times. It will be up to you to take charge and stay focused. Making sure the patients are taken care of is a top priority and one that will make you stand out as a top caregiver. Make the patients feel comfortable and let them know you care. Often when individuals are at the doctor’s they are on edge, worried, not felling well. Having someone let them know they are being well taken care of can often lead to improved feelings and ease those troubled feelings. Make it a routine to have someone check on the patients in the waiting room to make sure they are comfortable. Have easy access to things like a water cooler, reading materials, even having a television can ease the patient’s mood.

4. With New patients, there can be a lot of extra paperwork to deal with, a smart and well-organized office work will make sure to let that new patient know to arrive at least 15 minutes ahead of their appointment in order to fill out the paperwork. Make sure to schedule a follow-up call the day before their scheduled appointment.

A great way to go above and beyond your duties would be to pre-fill out any forms with the basic information you have for your patient. This will save them time and set your office apart from others, Your patients will definitely thank you for this small kindness.

5. Have your customers fill out a customer feedback form either online at home or at the office. You can even ask them during their visit or just after. This is something not a lot of offices utilize but can give you great insight into what you can improve on. Often you will be completely unaware of issues that your patients may have. You may find out something as small as the temperature in the waiting room is too low or high.

Also, let your patients know they can share their positive experiences on Google. This can have a great impact on bringing new patients into your practice.

Last but certainly not least, have your office make sure to be taking advantage of electronic prescriptions. This can save you and your patients time, by having that prescription filled and ready for them when they go to the pharmacy. Again this may seem like a small thing but not only will it save your office time from calling the pharmacy for the patient it also saves the patient having to travel to the pharmacy only to find out they may have to wait an extended amount of time to get their prescription.

Just remember, little changes that you and your staff make may not feel like it matters, but these small things have a very large impact on the lives of your patients. Those impacts will stay with those patients and they will tell their friends and family just how amazing your office was. Which will lead to more patients and more revenue for you.