Checking Medicare status with HETS

Verifying Medicare coverage for providers is something we take very seriously here at Episode Alert. Knowing that you put your trust in us means a lot. We pride ourselves on bringing you the best service possible when you need to check a Medicare status.

Often we have been asked what information is needed to verify if a patient has Medicare using the HETS 270/271 system. The good news with the HETS system is it a bit forgiving when it comes to the information you need to provide. So let's go over the different options you have when checking a Medicare status through HETS:

Primary option:

You must provide the correct HICN (Health Insurance Claim Number) or the new MBI ( Medicare Beneficiary Identifier) number. With that, you will need the correct first and last name, and correct DOB (date of birth).

Second Option:

Again you will need the correct HICN or MBI however this time you only need the correct DOB and the correct last name.

Third Option:

This time along with the HICN/MBI number you will only need the correct first and last name. So no no DOB required.

NOTE: The correct HICN or MBI number is always required, there is no way around this. HETS will continue to accept the HICN number until December 31, 2019, after which they will only allow the new MBI numbers. Read more about the changes here:New MBI numbers

Hopefully, this article will help you the next time you are checking the Medicare status of a patient.

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