CMS HETS 270/271 development

Episode Alert involved in HETS 270/271 development with CMS

HETS 270/271 testing begins

As a CMS approved Network Service Vendor, Episode Alert tested and established a secure connection for providers wanting to submit HIPAA compliant 270 eligibility request files.

Episode Alert develops a concise yet in depth HETS eligibility report.

Working with MCARE as a approved CMS HETS 270/271 submitter, Episode Alert developed a mechanism to send 270 eligibility request files and to receive, deconstruct 271 eligibility response files in a real-time environment.

HETS Real-time eligibility reports available now.

After 5 + years of testing and development, Episode Alert's HETS eligibility report offers providers the easiest to read report available. Specifically designed to provide all beneficiary Medicare info needed, but in a in-depth yet consice 1 or 2 page format.

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