Palmetto releases PC-ACE Version 2.52

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PC-ACE Pro32 software has been updated to version for ASC X12 837 v5010 with several CMS Medicare mandates and enhancements.

What are the new features?

Modified the software per CMS Mandates for modified descriptions, inclusion and prohibitions:

  • CR 8479
  • CR 8569
  • CR 8525
  • CR 8556
  • CR 8658
  • CR 8675
  • CR 8567
  • CR 8266

Various updates for CMS CR-related changes, including HCPCS, diagnosis, category and other codes including CARC,RARC and Provider Taxonomy Code updates located via Washington Publishing Company website

CMS Approved Network Service Vendor (NSV)

Episode Alert is a CEDI approved NSV listed on the approved Network Service Vendor listings of Cahaba, CGS, NGS / NHIC, Palmetto GBA, and WPS, able to submit claims for all Medicare providers, to all MAC's.

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