HETS eligibility replacing CWF

Electronically submit claim files and receive reports, remits

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Episode Alert has HETS eligibility info ready for you now

Make the upcoming transition to HETS seamless for your operations now with Episode Alert. We compile the numerous pages of HETS eligibility info into a concise comprehensive single page report.

Still need DDE Access for claims/financial info

Episode Alert will continue to provide the CWF/DDE connection as CMS is removing access to the CWF/DDE HIQA-HIQH eligibility info, but CWF/DDE FISS claims info will still be accessible in the DDE system.

Electronic Claims, Reports, Remits

Submit your Medicare claims and receive all your reports, remits, RA's electronically with Episode Alert. Then easily track your sent claims and received reports/RA's via your own free “claim log” - automatically generated for you every time a file is sent to or received from Medicare. The claim log not only allows for easy 1-click access to all files, it also is a instant desktop snapshot of all claim/remits history.

CMS Approved Network Service Vendor (NSV)

Episode Alert is a CEDI approved NSV listed on the approved Network Service Vendor listings of Cahaba, CGS, NGS / NHIC, Palmetto GBA, and WPS, able to submit claims for all Medicare providers, to all MAC's.

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