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Eligibility verified monthly


Same or Similar verified monthly

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Since 2007

Medicare Network Service Vendor

Medicare Eligibility Verification

Quickly and easily verify patients Medicare coverage.


Real-time reports from CMS

Episode Alert pulls all patient information in real time straight from the CMS HETS database.


Comprehensive reports, quickly re-check patients

Over 18 sections of patient information, easily recheck patients with a click of a button.

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Verify Patients fast and easily

Get results in seconds, no more long IVR calls. Simply enter the patient's Information and in seconds get your results.

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Batch Mode eligibility

Save yourself hours with our batch mode eligibility. Run large numbers of patients at once.

Same or Similar

Allows providers/suppliers to check for Same or Similar. Live results from CMS.


CGS & Noridan

Have access to all DME Jurisdictions in one place


Batch Mode SNS

Run large batches of beneficiaries cutting down on your workload


Medicare SNS One-Click

Check the Medicare coverage of your beneficiaries with a simple click


Automatic MAC jurisdiction finder

Input your beneficiary state and we will automatically find the MAC jurisdiction for you



Have access to all CMS HCPCS codes including L, K, A, and E


Easy-to-read summary report

Quickly identify whether the beneficiaries have a claim history or not


Medicare DDE

Affordable DDE Medicare Access

  • Medicare claim submission
  • Check claim status
  • Easily correct claims
  • and more!

Connect to all jurisdictions in all 50 states with Episode Alert


Easy to use

Connect through our secure DDE connection in no time.


All MAC Jursidictions

Connect to all jurisdictions throughout all 50 states.


Get daily DDE reports on all claim changes


Email Alerts

Receive email alerts as soon as any claim issues occur


Reason Codes

No need to login to DDE. View reason codes fast and easy


Tired of DDE?

Stop wasting hours a day in DDE. Get summarized reports early in the morning in one place


View Claim Issues fast

Quicky view claim issues, paid claims & suspense claims

Who We Serve

Healthcare providers we work with

We specialize in Home health providers and make sure their billing needs are taken care of. Our summary report will quickly show if the patient is Part A active or not. The Home Health column lets you make sure of no overlapping episodes with other providers

Our industry-leading Same & Similar checker gives you access to both CGS and Nordian, allowing you an easy way to check the 5-year claim history in real time saving you time and money. We also provide a one-click added benefit of checking beneficiaries Medicare coverage.

Run a clinic or Doctor's office, no problem we can have you up and running in minutes. Allowing you the ease of checking patients Medicare eligibility, sending Medicare claims, or accessing DDE.

We know the importance of time when it comes to Hospital care. We pride our services on being in real-time and very user-friendly for staff of any level.

Our Patient coverage report will include all basic information as well as important details such as Part D plan ID and more.

Our summary report allows you to quickly and easily identify that Part A coverage is active. Our detailed reports will also make sure you are up to date on all relevant patient information.

Your staff is in good hands with Episode Alert. Our Medicare reports allow you to stay on top of your patients hospital and SNF stays. Including start and end dates.

We make sure you have the dollar amount used for therapy services such as Physical, speech, and occupational therapy.

MAC Approved List

We are an Approved NSV across all 50 states

Why use Episode Alert?

The most complete Medicare access tool on the market


No Contracts

Contracts are not required, never worry about setup fees or hidden costs.


24 / 7 Access

Day or Night you will have instant Medicare access through your PC, laptop, and smartphone.


In All 50 States

We are an approved CMS network service vendor for all MACs in all 50 states.


HIPAA Compliant

Episode Alert solutions are fully compliant with CMS, Medicare, and HIPAA requirements.


Fast Support

Friendly customer service. Need a question answered or have a technical problem? Give us a call and always reach a real person at 1 (800) 905-0698


No Setup

There is no extra software to install, just use your PC, laptop, or smartphone. Compatible with all major browsers.


Hear why our customers love Episode Alert

"...Highly recommend you try it..."

Episode Alert has saved us time and money. We can verify patient eligibility quicker, [with] less paper work and more accuracy, [includes] dates of service with other providers. Highly recommend you try it as you can do it any time any place.

" far the best ... verification tool..."

Episode Alert is by far the best eligibility verification tool our agency has used. Since implementing Episode Alert's eligibility verification tool, our intake process has been more streamlined, with all essential insurance information in an easy-to-read format which intake and billing personnel love.

"...They are always eager to help..."

Since we began using Episode Alert the service has been excellent. All the information we need is readily available. They are always eager to help you with any problems that you might have. I would recommend them to anyone that needs their service.

"...Episode Alert keeps making money for me..."

Every other vendor I know takes my money, Episode Alert keeps making money for me.

"...Episode Alert has been a tremendous help in getting us set up..."

Episode Alert has been a tremendous help in getting us set up for our batch billing. The ease of sending our reports has helped us with our ability to bill and we have spent less time in preparation. We would highly recommend Episode Alert."

"...a company with the values and integrity that Episode Alert possesses and practices..."

It is refreshing that in today's day and age with so many vendors looking to keep their hands in your pocket and drain you for every dime they can, to deal with a company with the values and integrity that Episode Alert possesses and practices. It is my pleasure to have a working relationship with [Episode Alert].

" my surprise and delight that their services were as truthful..."

With Episode Alert, our users find it so convenient, easy, fast & simple to check eligibility. We can do multiple searches which is really a big help & able to see all the informations which is very important in checking the patients' eligibility.

"...service to be very user friendly and reliable..."

I am currently using Episode Alert to check eligibility for our Medicare clients and I also upload my claims through their on-line portal. I have found their service to be very user friendly and reliable. I have had no problems with claims transmission, eligibility or receiving my reports back from Medicare.

"...Episode Alert reports are real time savers..."

Episode Alert reports are real time savers. The entire Episode Alert report suite reduces the FTE time spent researching, checking, following up as corrections are already identified in the reports. Especially important to my billing department is the that Episode Alert finds mistakes after the initial certification check but before first billing.

"...wonderful, easy and helpful tool..."

Episode Alert has been extremely beneficial to all of us at Omni Home Care.... This has been a wonderful, easy and helpful tool and I would encourage all providers to use it.

"...customer service has been friendly and reliable..."

Episode Alert has been a single solution. It has greatly enhanced our ability to bill timely, enhanced collections and reduced (in multiple ways) the time spent on troublesome claims. THANKS! I am not sure how else to express our appreciation for Episode Alert that has been such a great help to me and my billing team.

"...extremely user friendly, the ease of transmitting claims..."

It was to my surprise and delight that their services were as truthful and forthcoming with all they had presented themselves to be and more. Besides being extremely user friendly, the ease of transmitting claims, not to mention the courteous and timely response of their personnel in all aspects.

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The easiest and most affordable Medicare access Tool since 2007.
Over 10 Million Medicare eligibilities verified. 8 Million Medicare claims sent. Serving all 50 states.

Episode Alertâ„¢ has been used by Medicare provider organizations of every size throughout all 50 states, Guam, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

Episode Alert is used by every type of Medicare provider including:
  • Home Health Agencies
  • Hospice Organizations
  • Hospitals
  • Pharmacies
  • Physician Practices
  • DME, Ambulance companies
  • Rehab Facilities
  • Therapist Practices
  • SNF / ALF / ILF Facilities
  • FQHC

Yes, all our plans come with a 14-day free trial allowing you full access.

Yes, we do require a valid NPI for any provider to use our system. The reason for this is to stay compliant with HIPPA.

You can view our basic plans here, each comes with a 14-day free trial where you can customize the plan to fit your needs.

Yes, we are an approved Network service vendor with Palmetto, CGS, NGS, First Coast, Noridian, Novitas, WPS sinces 2007.

Typically within 30 minutes, you will be given full access to our 14-day trial.

Once your plan reaches zero checks you have an option of either waiting for your billing date to have your account reset or if you prefer you can choose to upgrade your plan to the next available plan option.

To upgrade or downgrade your current plan, you simply go to your settings page choose change plan, and from here upgrade to the next plan available or do the same if you are downgradeing the plan.

To cancel your plan, navigate to your settings page and choose to cancel plan, you will be asked for a reason for cancellation than just click the cancel button and you are done.
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